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How To Read A Tyre

Ever wondered what the markings on the side of a tyre mean?

1. Continental Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 etc.

This is the name of the tyre.

2. 185/60 R 14 88H

This is the size & characteristics of the tyre.

185 - This is the section width of the tyre - in other words the overall width of the tyre in mm.

60 - This is the aspect ratio of the tyre. That is the sidewall height of the tyre as a percentage of the section width.

R - This means the tyre is of radial construction.

14 - This is the internal diameter of the tyre.

88 - This is the load index. How much weight the tyre can carry.

H - This is the speed index. The maximum speed the tyre is designed for.

3. Tubeless

This means the tyre has no inner tube.

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