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How to make your tyres last longer

Check your tyre pressures

Check and adjust your tyre pressures every two weeks. Do this when the tyres are cold which can of course be difficult to arrange with busy lifestyles or if you live in the middle of nowhere. Do you have a filling station within a couple of miles of your home or work? If not then perhaps you could invest in a portable pressure gauge and inflator.

If your tyres are under-inflated, then your cars' engine will have to work harder to overcome the effort of moving a set of squishy tyres.

Scheduling five minutes every two weeks is a multiple win for you: Your engine works less hard, you save fuel and money, produce less greenhouse gases and your tyres last longer.

Make sure your wheels are aligned correctly

Wheel alignment is all about making sure that your wheels are pointing in the right direction. If not then your tyres will be constantly scrubbing along slightly sideways which will wear them out far faster than if they are correctly aligned. The cost of replacing tyres worn out earlier than they should be will be far more than the cost of precision alignment and regular checks, especially on high performance cars and large 4x4's.

Getting us to check your wheel alignment every service is a tiny extra cost for large benefits.

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